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Websmith, technomancer

I'm Jon, a native and resident of Schenectady, RIT grad, homebrewer, many-flavored geek, and all-around technological wizard.

I have accumulated a variety of talents which, since you have found this place, you may find useful. I design and host websites, digitize film and artwork, and build and service computers to name a few things. I like to learn new tricks too, so if you have a problem/project/disaster of any kind, just ask and find out if I can help. If I can't figure it out, I probably know someone who can.

These are some of the websites I have worked on:


Albany All Stars Roller Derby Wordpress site.


Anne is a licensed mental health counselor based in Saratoga Spings.


Ellie is a wonderful portrait and wedding photographer, now based in Minnesota. She did a lovely job on our wedding day, and she's LGBT-friendly, too. This is a Wordpress site with a modified theme.


Elizabeth Kasevich is a painter and collage artist.


The Capital District Fencing School is based in Schenectady, NY. They teach epee, foil and saber for all ages and abilities. It pained me to do so, but I built this site with the design software provided with the School's free hosting account. It behaves after a few hacks, and now they can update the site on their own.


H. M. Saffer II produces amazing landscape paintings in a unique style. His work is featured in galleries across the country.


Jeff is a photographer in New York City. He transforms mundane scenes and objects into wonderful abstractions and archetypal visions.


Sean is an excellent craftsman and builder based in Woodstock, NY. This is a Wordpress site I rescued from the disaster his previous web designer charged him way too much for.


Visual Winds Studio provides fine art reproduction services.


Wilson is a world-renowned illustrator and painter.

Some other services I provide:


I can digitize your film or small works of art. All scans include basic color correction and retouching. I can also create DVD slideshows from your images.

Computer repair

If you've got it I can fix it. Or at least replace the broken bits.

All jobs are priced on a per-project basis. Everyone has different needs and no two projects are ever the same, so contact me and I will quote you a fair price.

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